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Sherman, Texas 75092

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We are A Pet Friendly RV Park

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In order to do our best to ensure our guests are living in a safe environment, it is the policy of the Texoma RV Park to conduct a criminal background check on all adults 18-years old and older who apply for entrance into the park. Upon application for entrance into the park, prospective guests will need to provide their complete name (first, middle and last), a valid drivers license number (including the state from which the license is issued), and their date of birth. 

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  Daily -          $35.00
Weekly -         $35.00
 Monthly -         $100.00

Should a guest cancel his reservation or not arrive on the reserved arrival date, the deposit will become non-refundable. A daily or weekly guest arriving on the reserved arrival date will have his deposit applied toward his rent. A monthly guest arriving on the reserved arrival date will have his deposit held until time of departure. At that time, the deposit will be refunded providing all electricity and rent are paid current and the RV space is left in the condition it was rented; i.e., no trash left or no damage to the space.

We Provide a Clean, Friendly, Safe RV Experience

We strive to keep The Texoma RV Park pet friendly, and it takes ALL pet owners being responsible for their pet(s) to be able to do so.  We hope you will join us in our efforts to keep our parks clean and pet friendly by informing us whenever our Pet Policy is not being adhered to.  Should you observe another pet owner not adhering to our policies, please inform Park Management immediately.

I hereby agree to abide by the following rules:
1.         Nuisance – I hereby agree:
*           to keep my pet(s) from disturbing the rights, comforts and/or conveniences of my Park neighbors.

 2.         Sanitation – CLEAN-UP IS MY RESPONSIBLITY!  I hereby agree:
*           to use a sanitary waste remover, commonly referred to as a “Pooper-Scooper”, or a clean-up bag, for                               collection, removal and proper disposal of any pet waste;
*           that any pet mess on my site will be assumed to be from my pet(s); and
*           to inform Park Management if another pet owner brings his pet(s) onto my site so Park Management can                       rectify the matter.

 Supervision – I hereby agree:
*           to keep my pet(s) on a leash and under my supervision and control whenever
             I bring my pet(s) outside my RV unit;
*           not to tether my pet(s) to any fixed object outside the RV unit, including patio areas, walkways, stairs, parking                 areas, grassy areas, or any other part of the property;
*           not to enclose my pet(s) outside my RV unit in a pet pen, kennel, crate or similar enclosure;
*           not to allow my pet(s) to run free outside my RV unit at any time;
*           to be outside with my pet at all times;
*           not to walk my pet(s) on other RV sites; and
*           to be responsible for the actions of my pet(s) at all times.

 4.         Restricted Breeds – The Texom RV Park does not allow the following breeds or mixed breeds:

*           Doberman                                         *           Bull Terrier

*           Rottweiler                                          *           Mastiff

*           Pit Bull                                               *           German Shepherd

*           any other aggressive breed(s)

Identification – I agree to have identification displayed on my pet’s(s’) collar(s) at all times.


 Should any rule or provision of this Pet Agreement be violated by me or any of my guests, in the sole judgment of Park Management, I shall immediately and permanently remove my pet(s) from the premises.  I understand that all rules will be strictly enforced with no exceptions.  Any violations will be addressed and may result in my being asked to vacate the park